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Glass Beads/
Kiln Glass/
Stained Glass
Jun 2 - 4
The Sacred Art of Painting on Glass
Sam Myers
Basic Bling: An Introduction to Jewelry and Metalsmithing -- Full, Waitlist Available
Elizabeth Tokloy
Discover the Art of Mosaics
Lisa Houck
Explorative & Painterly Collage -- Full, Waitlist Available
Alexandra Sheldon
The Wooden Object: Carved & Embellished
Miriam Carpenter
Jun 9 - 11
12 Virtues in Pottery
Sam Taylor
Drawing with Needle and Thread
Nathan Hanford
From Fabric Sample to Finished Art Quilt
Cheryl Rezendes
Glass Sculpting for Beginners
Aron Leaman
Dramatic Effects with the Sandblaster
Janet Wittenberg
Surface Design for Metalsmiths
Karen Christians
A Cut Above: An Exploration in Papercutting
Beatrice Coron
Welding 101 -- Full, Waitlist Available
James Kitchen
Build Your Own Free Mini Library
Peter Dellert
Jun 11 - 17
Clay, Smoke, and Fire -- Full, Waitlist Available
Paula Shalan
Skins and Skeletons: 3D Textile Constructions -- Full, Waitlist Available
Mo Kelman
Essential Movements in Glass
Spencer Kirk-Jackson
Over, Under, Repeat:  An Introduction to Weaving Glass
Tony Serviente
Hit Gold:  Aura 22 on Copper and Sterling
Chris Darway
Variations on the Accordion
Melanie Mowinski
Fundamentals of Woodturning
Rick Angus
Jun 17 - 18
Fabric Marbling for Scarves
Natalie Stopka
The Mystery of Glass Marbles in Soft Glass -- Full, Waitlist Available
Michael Mangiafico
Pint Glass Workshop for Beginners
Jesse Rasid
Sea Glass, Pebbles and Glass
Annukka Ritalahti
Swirls & Swoops: Hammered Handmade Jewelry
Mary Anne Sherman
The Natural Painter
Marjorie Morgan
Sparks Fly in Welding
Pat Bennett
Play Ball - In the Wood Shop
Rick Angus
Jun 24 - 25
Save the World with Potholder Rugs -- Full, Waitlist Available
Crispina Ffrench
Swim Into Summer: Painting on Silk
Sally Dillon
Advanced Glassblowing: Blowing Thin
David Joseph Benyosef
Beginning Jewelry: Rings on Rings
Mary Risley
Burning Steel - Welded Sculpture 1.0 -- Full, Waitlist Available
Robert Turan
Folk Art Carving
Jonathan Bastian
Aug 3 - 6
Mold Making & Slip Casting 101
Nicholas Newcomb
Physical Images: Fabric, Thread, and Paint
Erin Castellan
Intermediate Flameworking: The Flowers and Bugs of Summer
Wesley Fleming
Kiln Glass: Bowls, Plates, and Jewelry -- Full, Waitlist Available
Paula Williams Kochanek
Let's Stay Together: Connections for Jewelry
Alan Burton Thompson
Oil Painting: Bending the Rules
Maggie Mailer
Metal Head Welding
Zac Shavrick
Aug 6 - 12
Morphic Changes: Addition and Subtraction
Leslie Ferst
Traditional Yoruba Batik, Adire and Tie-dye
Gasali Adeyemo
Metal and Magic in Glass Beads
Lisa St. Martin
Break Some Rules - See What Happens
Ed Branson
Patterns, Designs, and Texture
Paula Williams Kochanek
Metal Jewelry Bootcamp for Beginners
Erika Jorjorian
Mosaic Mojo -- Full, Waitlist Available
Christine Kenneally
Painting and Drawing in the Local Landscape
Ted Matz
Welding & Mixed Media Sculpture -- Full, Waitlist Available
Norman Ed
Aug 13 - 19
Multi-Faceted World of Clay
Bob Green
Feltmaking Intensive: The Basics and Beyond
Fafnir Adamites
From Glass Beads to Fine Jewelry -- Full, Waitlist Available
Liliana Glenn
Glassblowing: Exploration & Inspiration
Ryan Brunk
Stained Glass: A Luminous Art
Dave Zaltzberg
From Glass Beads to Fine Jewelry -- Full, Waitlist Available
Liliana Glenn
Explorative & Painterly Collage -- Full, Waitlist Available
Alexandra Sheldon
Sep 2 - 4
Weaving with Meaning
Fafnir Adamites
Comprehensive Flameworking
Sally Prasch
Glassblowing Bootcamp
Jesse Rasid
Stained Glass: A Luminous Art
Dave Zaltzberg
Pile It On: Jewelry with Layers
Chihiro Makio
Wax, Yupo & Washi
Dorothy Cochran
Welding Barn Party II
Michael Martindell
Lidded Boxes from a Single Piece of Wood
Rick Angus
Sep 9 - 10
Natural Dye Block Printing
Graham Keegan
David Schnuckel
Woven Chain: Where Fiber Meets Metal
Erika Jorjorian
Mixed Media Mosaic Mirror
Amy Marks
Monotype and Collage: Spontaneous Prints
Joyce Silverstone
Rustic Furniture for the Home and Garden
Mark Nicholson
Sep 22 - 24
Beyond the Basic Pinch Pot
Shana Brautigam
Nuno Felting
Melinda LaBarge
Leather With a Twist
Claire Renaud
The Sphere:  Contemporary Glass Marbles
Aaron Slater
Beginner Glassblowing
Ryan Brunk
Boxing in Metal: Hollow Forms for Beads and Clasps
Barbara Smith . McLaughlin
Woodworking: Turn and Burn
Donna Banfield
Oct 1 - 7
Clay and Glaze: Everything you Need to Know
Jeff Zamek
Building a Basket: An Exploration of Techniques
Lois Russell
Exploring the Surface and Texture of Glass Beads
Libby Leuchtman
Glassblowing: A Study of Drinking Vessels
Dane Jack
Stained Glass: A Luminous Art
Dave Zaltzberg
Handmade Jewelry: Make it Meaningful
Alyssa Krauss
Fiber Techniques for Book Artists
Natalie Stopka
Japanese Joinery Demystified
Yann Giguere
Oct 7 - 9
Tarpaper Slab Construction: The Next Generation
Regis Brodie
Batik Basics with Soy Wax and Textile Paints
Cheryl Rezendes
Glass Beads: Beyond and Below the Surface
Nancy Tobey
Beginner Glassblowing
Janet Dalecki
Dynamic Glass Fusing
Deborah Johnson
Metalsmithing: 4 Bracelets in 3 Days
Mary Anne Sherman
Demystifying the Pop-up Book
Colette Fu
Welding for Everyone
Pat Bennett
Live Edge Furniture
Yoav Liberman
Oct 13 - 15
Alternative Firings
Bob Green
Autobiographical Stitches
Joetta Maue
Glass Sculpture and Enchanted Environments
Tessa Hill
The Sacred Art of Painting on Glass
Sam Myers
Fun with Forming:  Convex and Concave Designs in Metal
Elizabeth Tokloy
Mosaics: A Smashing Good Time
Christine Kenneally
Intermediate Welding
James Kitchen
Oct 15 - 21
Expressive Animal Sculpting
Ronnie Gould
Clothing Alchemy
Crispina Ffrench
Building Beads With Glass
Kris Schaible
Intermediate Glassblowing
Ryan Brunk
Seeing Double In Kiln Glass
Paula Williams Kochanek
It's All About Texture in Handmade Jewelry
Terry Kovalcik
Make Your Mark
Susan Webster
A Bowl A Day
Rick Angus
Oct 21 - 22
Slab Construction: An Alternative Approach to Building Vessels
Jeff Shapiro
Glass Beads:  Fall in Love with Frit
Kris Schaible
Autumnal Ornaments
Jesse Rasid
Fused Glass Collage
Janet Dalecki
Encaustic Collograph Printmaking
Dietlind Vander Schaaf
Whimsical Welding with Bill
Bill Rhodes
Creating Designs with Wood Veneers
Sharon Mehrman